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$15/mo for Individual Tutors

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Then pay $10 per enrollment (not to exceed 5% of course price)
Minimum commitment of $2000/yr applies

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* We believe in the mission of Co-ops and do not want to lose the opportunity to serve you because of price. Our recommended price is $10 / student / course. However, if you do not teach for profit, then pay us what you can afford... even if that is nothing.

A better way to Teach Online

TutorPlace offers proven technology for live online teaching and enables home school co-ops and tutors to teach remotely.

The last thing you need is another Web Conferencing product built for business that puts the safety of your students at risk.

Find out why the leaders in Online Home School Organizations are using our software.

Teach Live from Anywhere

With students in more than 80 countries, you can rest assured that technology will not get in the way of teaching.

  • Best-in-Class

    Take advantage of our experience in Online Learning with a solution tailor-made for teaching.

  • No hidden fees

    All the features are included in one price. You have an idea or feature request? Wouldn't it be nice to have that added to the product at no cost?

  • Used by Leaders

    We have been creating Best-in-Class online teaching software since 2003 and used by leaders such as The Potters School

    We respect your privacy and do not collect more information than what is needed to offer our services. We will never sell your information.

Privacy & Security

As a co-op, you have to explicitly import or invite users into your organization and only those users can participate in classes and meetings. This keeps everyone else out.

Classroom access is limited to enrolled students and teachers only. Microphone / camera access in classrooms cannot be accessed unless a teacher is present.

Breakout rooms and social rooms are auto-recorded in case something happens.

We collect the minimum information to offer the service and do not make that information available to any third parties or outside the co-op. We do not send sales / marketing emails to students or teachers, and we take privacy seriously.

Feature Summary

Collaborative Whiteboard

The teacher can draw and annotate on documents and even allow all the students to work on the whiteboard simultaneously.

Amazing Audio Quality

Better than Zoom

Safe Learning Environment

Your online classes are only accessible to your teachers and students and fully and securely encrypted.

Classes are Recorded

Teachers have the ability to record a class for a student to watch later in case they missed it or want to recap.

Screen Share

Region sharing allows you to share a selection of your screen in real-time with students.

Synchronized Video Playback

Online videos can be controlled by the teacher while the entire class is watching it at the same time.

Hand-raise and Advanced Mic Control

Managing student interaction is made simple with different mic control modes

Break-out / Practice Rooms

Increase student interaction by creating smaller groups for independent collaboration. Teacher can enter and monitor at any time

Pre-Load Documents

Documents and slides can be created beforehand and saved to classroom for future use.


Students collaborate on homework with classmates and teacher can share course-ware between different co-ops. To Join, please contact us at support@gatherworks.com

Course List & Online Enrollment (Coming)

List course details and schedule and allow students to enroll online

Credit Card Payments (Coming)

Families / students pay for courses when they enroll using credit card.

Homework Assignments and Grade Book (Coming)

Manage homework assignments by class. Students can upload homework and teachers can grade work.

Account Setup in less than 1 minute by CSV Importing Users (ADMIN Only)

Note: You can use both CSV import and the "Invite Link" for account setup. (Coming Soon: Course List / Online Enrollment)

CSV: Example File. The CSV file must include at least email addresses.

Account Setup by Invite Link (ADMIN Only)

Note: Teachers, Admin, Families and Students can use the "Invite Link" to become part of the organization. It will prompt you to create an account if needed. See "Users: Join Organization".

Users: Join Organization



Video Camera Support

Break-out / Practice Rooms

Mic Management & Hand-raise

Import PowerPoint Slides from PDF

Import PowerPoint Slides as Snapshots

Video Playback